Monday, January 25, 2010

 Down The Rabbit Hole...

I was talking (well I guess texting) with a friend the other day and we came up
with a plan.

Most women have their Twilight Vampire midnight showing parties.
We too would like to have a little party.
But not for Twilight...
Sorry Rob, but you don't hold a candle to my Johnny.
And I have a bit of a thing for Mr. Tim Burton.  (As evident with my Halloween Decor). Not in a I think he's cute kind of way (eeww) but in a wow you are a visual artist genius, kind of way. Yup... I'm a NERD!
So we are planning a soiree for this...
The midnight showing of Alice in Wonderland!
I love Alice in Wonderland as well.  So this is a win win win!
So freakin excited!  If you are in the area and you would like to mingle with
us for a midnight tea party and movie let me know!  
The more the MAdDeR!

As I've been thinking about this shindig I reflected back on Scooters birthday party last year.  We did an Alice in Wonderland theme.
I love birthday parties.  And really with kids I've got until there about 12ish to make them special.  So I have a ball.  Here is the proof...
The Invitation
I carefully cut around the face of the watch so it would fold back and reveal the inside.
On the inside...
If you're feeling quite Mad! We'll make you right glad! 
It's a mad tea party for
So don't be late for this very important date!!!
Date and Time
Please join us down the rabbit hole 
Our address

The Decor
I'm a star at taking paraphernalia from around my house and making it work for other events and holidays. We also did Alice in Wonderland for halloween that year, so I had a few things from that.  It also comes in handy that I can paint. And the dollar store is my friend... flowers, face cards and more came from there.
The Games
After crawling through the rabbit hole,(the front door) the kids gathered in the office. On there way into the office I hung a curtain that blocked their view of "wonderland" there was a small door drawn on a piece of cardboard between the curtains.  Once in the office they watched the movie while we waited for everyone to come.  We shut the office doors and talked about how we needed "shrink" in order to fit through the door.  (We drank Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottle Candy).  While we did this J turned the cardboard around outside (on the other side I painted the door big). Then with a key in hand we headed out.  Now that the door was bigger it appeared we had shrunk.  (I don't know if I explained that too well).  Once in wonderland we played a game of pin the smile on the Cheshire cat. Following that we had a relay race.  It started with Flamingo croquet (we hit the koosh balls through playing cards I had painted on poster board), then a sugar cube tea cup toss and ended with switching the white roses to red roses on the tree (not pictured).
The Food
After the games is was time for the tea party.
We had homemade cherry cream soda's in the tea cups.  And tea party finger foods.  (Mini hamburgers, meat and cheese filled crossants, cupcakes, cookies, etc...). 
On the cupcakes I made the Cheshire cat smile out of white and dark chocolate.  If you like to make cupcakes then you must get the book Hello Cupcake.  Not optional!  It will illustrate how to make details like that. In short... draw your smile on a paper, place wax paper on top.  Melt chocolate in zip lock bag. Clip the tip of the bag and trace the drawing with the chocolate.  Let cool and harden.  Peel off of wax paper. Ta-da.... cheshire smile... or what ever else you decide.  I did Cat in the Hat, hats for Momo's first birthday... I'll post it sometime.

The Goodie Bag
Filled with chocolate face cards, heart shaped face cards, a caterpiller/butterfly sucker, and Koolaid with a drink me sticker on it.  You can download illustrations from the book free at, if you use photoshop, you can turn them into brushes.  You can also download a Lewis Carroll font here too. Oh, I forgot to mention that we made charm necklaces.  After each game they earned a new charm.  I made scrabble tile pendants and tiny drink me vials.  I found super cheap tea cup charms, keys and white rabbits.  They were cute.
So it was loads of FUN work.  
I've saved everything... Ride will be having a mad hatter tea party birthday as well one day. 
We're all mad here!


  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!! I'll admit, I'm not an expert on Alice in Wonderland. However, JD is a different story. March 5th, 12 AM - count me in!

  2. ANJ!!!!!!! I want to come!!! I'm a Tim Burton freak!!! in fact, it scares most people... which makes me love it even more :)

  3. I knew Lacey would be all over it because of Mr. Depp. I respect that. I would be there if I lived in the vicinity and if I was young enough to stay up for a midnight show.

    Oh and your creativity. Seriously? Seriously. Sheesh.

  4. My husband pointed out that it may not have a midnight showing. So if not we will still do it, but at a normal hour on opening day. Lacey, I'd love to see you!!! Are you willing to drive to the end of the earth for a midnight show? We will be going to The District (in Riverton). Anna, my friend, you always make me feel so good. Thank you!

  5. I already told you this, but count me in! I'm excited for the next Tim Burton creation, and Johnny. And, you're amazingly talented...I've already told you that a million times too!

  6. I AM SO EXCITED!!! (yes, this deserves several explanation marks)
    i have to admit i am a bit bummed that there isn't a midnight showing. however, i am still excited to be getting together with several other tim burton fans!
    so count me in and also miss erin wants to come also. yeehaw

  7. woo-hoo! i just saw a new trailer and it made me so jump-up-and-down-clapping-giddy and i can't wait!!! i don't know how i'll swing this with baby dew but if i can make it work i am totally there!!! :)

  8. Wow that's an amazing party! I can't waaaait to have a little girl someday to do things exactly like this. You did an awesome job!


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