Friday, January 15, 2010


We took a little trip to Disneyland.
We left Momo home... best idea ever.  
No diaper changes, 
no nap times, 
no crying, 
no chasing a 20 month old.
Every time I saw a toddler, 
who looked Momo's size, 
squirming and writhing in their parents arms.
I laughed.

It was a blast.
Weather was perfect.
Hotel was across the street.
And it wasn't busy.

The girls were up for trying every ride.
(Only Ride wasn't tall enough for Indiana Jones, 
and we were smart enough to 
spare them California Screamin). 
We had a couple of our favorite neighbors with us.  
A 15 year old and a 22(ish) year old.  
They were great sports and 
even braved the teacups with us.  
And took the girls on the carousel 
so we could ride California Screamin.  
Plus they both provided a fair amount of comedy.  
We decided that our families 
both need to get season passes. 
Then we can jet off to Disneyland on a whim.  
We just need to win a lottery and we're good.
Hmmm... Idaho has the Hot Lotto Sizzler...

The kiddo's had a blast.
We went on Rides birthday.
She got loads of attention.
Scooter took awhile to warm up to the roller coasters.  
But she wanted to keep going on them. 
I think it might have been the fact her 
little sister had no problems with them. 
Ride got a little spooked by the 
rides that had "robotic" people.  
They creeped her out... can't say I blame her.  

So here is a bunch of pics.

That place is magic!
We drove.
 Kids in the very back.
Teenage angst in the middle.
 "Adults" up front.
We stopped in vegas on our ride home.
HIGHLY recommend.
It was delish.
And they make a pancake
the size of a small child.

Tape frames from kitchy digitals


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