Thursday, January 21, 2010

 There's always money in the Lemonade Stand

The whole thing started when Scooter announced that she wanted a Snow Cone machine for christmas.  I was a slightly shocked at the request.  However I was tickled that it wasn't one of the million trinkets being advertised on the telly.  I was quite proud of her for resisting the persuasiveness of marketing. (Although she is convinced that I need to get the Your Baby Can Read program.  That Momo, with this product, will be able to release his inner baby genius). 
Additionally I can't stand toys.  I remember when I was young and Naïve (Scooter is our oldest), Christmas meant I was helping Toys R Us hit their yearly sales goals.  I observed a week following the holiday nearly all of the pieces of the plethora of toys were lost or broken.  Furthermore her interest in them had perished .  It seemed foreordained that when spring cleaning rolled around, we'd end up throwing out most everything the big red man brought. Urrgggh. Stupid toys.

So I started looking into snow cone machines.  Wow... not cheap.  As I stared at my computer, searching through amazon, a question arose.  What in the devil is she going to do with a snow cone machine?  And in my mind an answer came and it looked a little something like this...
I drew up plans of what I wanted the snow cone/lemonade stand to look like.  My handy neighbor Adam put it together for me.  And then I painted it all pretty.

I also made aprons and head scarves.
It was so rewarding.  Actually making their christmas present.
And then their faces Christmas morning... pure glee.
And no... this gift was not from Mr. Claus.  He is not getting the credit for this one.
Side note: See Rides glasses.  I mentioned them here.  She had to wear them christmas morning.
So the lemonade stand is going to be stored in the garage.  It's on wheels, so the girls can scoot their little enterprise out onto the driveway and push their chilled refreshments.  And if J's new occupational adventure doesn't pan out...we now have a plan B.

Oh and as far as the snow cone machine goes... I found this little beauty. (We let Santa take credit for this one).
It's the Hamilton Beach Icy Treats maker. (I got it for 30 bucks).  If only I had known earlier! Those that know me well, also know that I would take a popsicle, snow cone or slushy anything over a baked goodie. HEAVEN. I have a snow cone (or two) everyday.  All thanks to Scooters christmas petition and the gallon of Tigers Blood in my pantry.

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  1. You rock my world!!! I just want to come to your house and look around! AMAZING.

  2. Anonymous1/21/2010

    Oh heavens. You never cease to amaze.

  3. perfection! now i just need to have a playdate at your house cause my kids would be on cloud nine. :)

  4. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? who are you? i don't know how you come up with this stuff, let alone actually MAKE IT! you are my hero.

  5. Anj that is too darling. How fun!! Your girls will love that. You're so amazing.

  6. Aren't we the lucky ones to be able to claim you as our daughter as well as have Jared for a son? Can't wait to see the girls in action. We imagine Milo will just be the chief taster for a few years.

  7. Oh wow...your talent is unbelieveable! It's beautiful and we will definitely be stopping by once the shop is open!

  8. Wow! Your lemonade stand is amazing!! Love that your daughter asked for a non traditional gift and that you really ran with it!

  9. So cute! Can you tell me where you found the cute font?

  10. You bet Nikki...
    I used Zebrawood. But there is a free font from dafont called circus that is super similar. I actually hand painted them on... I don't know if that font would work with vinyl. I hope that helps!!!


  12. Anonymous6/28/2011

    Incredibly CUTE! I am always amazed at the creativity and wish I had half the talent displayed here! :)

  13. Do you know if your neighbor used treated or untreated wood? Also very cool I love the design. :)


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