Wednesday, January 13, 2010

 Music Snob

I promised myself..
I will not add a playlist to my blog.
Why, why, why... did I give in?

Here is my opinion about music on blogs.
It tends to be annoying.  
Not always... sometimes I like playlists.  
But generally there are two reasons I find them irritating.

Sometimes it can make a blog sluggish.

And the biggest reason...
I think I might be a music snob.
Here is a scenerio.
I open a blog, unknowing and unprepared to be suddenly 
serenaded by...
Hansen performing Mmmbop.
I turn down the volume with haste, but it's too late.  Damage done.
And then I look at the photo of whoever this little miss blogger is, 
and think to myself...
You've got to be kidding... HANSON?  Really? 
Does she really like Hanson?  
Did she really pay .99 cents on itunes for Mmmbop?
Or even (gulp) worse... purchase the whole album?

I understand guilty pleasures, especially musically speaking.
I have a few of my own. 
For example Justin Timberlake.  
Ahem...hello, he brought sexy back.
(I must clarify... Backstreet boys... oh wait, I mean NSYNC is NOT a guilty pleasure of mine.
That last statement belongs only to J.T.)
So yes I will give a little leeway for guilty pleasures.
But Hanson... sorry, I just can't grasp it.

So then my opinion of this well meaning person is completly scewed.
If I see her, if I interact with her...
all I see is Hanson.
And the soundtrack of her life is Mmmbop.

So why do I have a playlist?
I have no idea.  I started playing around with a new playlist on my itunes.
This was created. 
I have cleaning playlists.  
Creative playlists (for painting or crafting or whatever).
And now... a blog playlist.
I'll probably take it down in a week or so.

 Another reason I might be a music snob.  
The other night there was a commerical on TV for a new program.
Parenthood I believe it is called.
And they used Lenka, The Show 
(first on the playlist)
as the music in the background.
(I almost didn't put it on the blog playlist just because of said commercial).
I was upset.
I wanted the show to fail.
That way no one will buy the soundtrack.
That way I don't have to change the ringtone on my cell phone.
(That I've had for almost a year now).
Except when J calls me... 
He put a ringtone in my phone for when he calls...
I guess Mr. Timberlake isn't the only one bringing sexy back.

Back to Lenka...
It's a catchy little number, and therefore is prone to becoming popular.
And if it hits the radio...
Oh dear, I'm making myself upset.
Remember Feists 1234 song...
enough said.

Post Script
For those of you who use google reader. 
You get to partake of my blog music-less!
Isn't google reader dreamy?
I enjoy it every morning with my cereal.

Post Post Script
For those of you who now have Mmmbop unrelentingly playing over and over in your apologies. 
I too now have a headache.


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