Thursday, December 22, 2011

 Glorious Song of Old

I love the holiday season.
I attempt to get everything done and out of my way before December hits.  That way I can just enjoy!  I love it… the lights, the laughter, the food (which will be the death of me) the music, the love, the friendship and all sincere expressions of gratitude that come with it.  What a magical time!

I love celebrating family.  My family is my dearest and most precious joy.  I have these loud, often dirty, little giggling rug rats that fill my home with happiness, dancing, giggles and smiles.  My happy handsome husband.  We just celebrated our 11th anniversary!  I love him so much. And then I have an extended family.  Each person has added so much to my life, my happiness and has left a impression on me.  Marks that will never fade, and that I treasure.  Many that helped raise me, or were raised with me. 

I am sitting on my couch, snug in a blanket.  I've been sick, miserably sick.  
Even though the sinus pressure in my head is squeezing my brain, I feel happy.  I feel at peace.  
The lights on the tree make the room glow. I'm listening to my cousin sing, her voice has me grinning ear to ear.  
Many many years ago, she came up to Utah to stay with my family for a few months.  I remember her singing in the shower.  It made our already happy home shine even more. 
She just released a new rendition of Silent Night.  She added her own lyrics, and created her own unique arrangement of my all time favorite Christmas song.  It has brought such a special spirit of peace to my home.  Listening to her voice through my stereo makes me smile. 
So let me introduce you to her…
This is Katherine.
I know, quite the beauty, isn't she?!
She also is incredably witty,  has a great raspy laugh,  and will eat pickle relish by the spoonful.  
I adore her. She is a very talented musician, a lovely woman, and simply dear to me.  

Here is a video of her performing 
Glorious Song of Old (Silent Night).
Her sister's husband, (my other cousin who I love more than words.  She's my hair designer. She molds my hair into yumminess and is a creative genius when it comes to hair color. Additionally she's just cool.  Sometimes I hope that just by standing near her she might pass some of that to me.  Like a cool virus or something… much better than this cold virus.) so anyway… he created the video.  Yeah… there is just a little bit of talent oozing in this family's blood.
Here is her website, where you can download her Glorious Song of Old (Silent Night)christmas song free.  
I hope her voice brings a bit of happiness and peace into your home, as it has mine.  

Merry Christmas!  
May your holiday season be filled with peace & joy!