Thursday, January 14, 2010

 Miss Ride turns 5

She is very creative.
She leaves little drawings scattered 
around our house.
She is also very good at cutting paper,
which leaves small bits of paper everywhere.
She sings when she's using the bathroom.
She will eat anything that has sugar in it.
And usually too much of it.
She is a daydreamer.
She tells great stories.
She is obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean.
At World's End is her favorite.
She also has a crush on Orlando Bloom.
(But she refers to him as Will Turner).
She is shy.
It takes her time to warm up to people.
But once you've been accepted by her you're BFF's for life.
She is emotional & sensitive.
Her favorite color is orange.
She doesn't like salad.
She loves broccoli & mushrooms.
She asked Santa for a machine that would
dispense glitter balls. 
She also asked for a robot.
She has a pair of pink sunglasses.  
The lenses are long gone.
She still wears them everywhere.
Once she got upset when I told her 
she couldn't wear them to dance.
She has the best giggle in the world.
She just turned 5!
We celebrated at disneyland.
She liked meeting Pluto more than the Princesses.
Love this girl!

Vintage hanging flowers from Kitschy Digitals


  1. Oh my, she's beautiful. Happy Birthday, sweetness!

  2. Oh how I love that girl! She is so independent!


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