Thursday, December 3, 2009

 A Princess Story

About a year ago I set out to rid my house of the piles of paper that had been rapidly erecting into small citadels throughout my home. With one daughter that draws all day and another that is now in elementary school it seemed paper was building a small army, with bases camped at every counter, table and desk.  We were at war. In my quest for home parchment domination, armed with my garbage bag I was recklessly throwing out every paper in my path.  Until a particular one caught my eye. I stopped pillaging, took mercy upon it and sat down and read.  Scrolled in my then 6 year old daughter’s hand was this story…

A princess story
Once upone a
time thir was a
princess her name
was Anji She hade
a puple and black
strip on her dress
She lived in a big casle and
She hade a gold crown
whith red Diymineds. 
The next day a
prince came and
he liked her his
name is Jared
he loved the
way She Smiled
Anji liked him a love verry
verry mush!
and the next day he
came to take her
on a walk.
and thay lived happle
ever after the end

At first I thought it was the sweetest most precious thing ever.  But the more I thought about it the more distressed I became.  Her happily ever after wasn’t a story about Ariel and Erik, Belle and the beast, Cinderella and Mr. Charming…. Nope, it was Mom & Dad.  Holy fire… I am her EXAMPLE of happiness in marriage! I guess I'm a tad slow, but it suddenly dawned on me that my children are watching...not just me as a mother, but me as a wife.  I spend all this time trying to be a good mom.  I have read books about it, set goals about it, I get very passionate about it.  So when the light bulb appeared over my head so did the question…am I spending the same energy and devotion in being a good wife and companion?  Obviously Scooter thought so (granted she always has been my practical child), but I defiantly could think of areas that needed some improvement.  So I’ve been attempting to put that same degree of dedication (that I put into motherhood) into my marriage.

As a reminder I keep Scooters story in my studio.  Hung to the wall, close to my computer.  Beside it I’ve placed this picture of J and I on our wedding day… 

Nine years ago yesterday.
Reminding me that happily ever after 
began that day… 
but it is still a work in progress.