Monday, January 18, 2010

 Christmas gifts

This year for christmas neighbor gifts 
we made these...
Corn pillows.
You can find instructions here...
They are great little gifts.
Something you could make and keep
on hand for when you might 
suddenly need a
little something for 
a neighbor or friend.
They cost me $2.50 each.
Only problem...
I didn't make enough.

Last year we collected cans
as our gift to neighbors.
I know this isn't a new idea.
In fact the more we talked
to people, the more stories
we heard about others who
had done it before.
I was chatting with 
some of the ladies
from the "hood"
and they said that in
their former neighborhood
they got together for
a potluck of treats.
You're ticket in was to bring cans to be
donated to the food bank
& a treat to share.
And the whole neighborhood
jointly decided that this would
be their gift to each other.
I think that is brilliant!
I'm going to try for it next year.
Here is the poem we used last year...
(Be forgiving... we are not poetic folk)
I think that means a lot more
than a bag of corn.

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