Thursday, February 18, 2010


Snow home custom for valentines is a special breakfast.  Pink pancakes, pink strawberry milk etc... However because this year V-day landed on the day of rest I deviated from the norm.  Knowing I wouldn't be going out on the town with my beau, I elected to do a Valentine dinner instead of breakfast.

On the menu....
For dessert...
-Raise your hand if you devour Girl Scout Thin Mints by the sleeve...
(Especially if they are straight from the freezer, the perfect way enjoy them, in my opinion)
-Raise your hand if you love ice cream...
-Raise your hand if you consider chocolate a food group...
Is your hand still up?
Then you will La La Love this...
We have a little family recipe blog.  Just click on your desired dish and by the power of internet linking it will whisk you away to the recipe.  In other words I'm just too lazy to post each one twice.

After dinner we exchanged Valentines.  The girls set up a game of hot or cold for us to find the valentines they had made for us.
Here was Scooters.
How cute is that?  

Then after the exchange, Ride had prepared a program. 
This is something that goes down at our home at least 5 evenings of the week.  Before she can retire to bed Ride dances for us.  She pretends she is on SYTYCD.  Oddly enough, Ride is our shy one.  But she has no reservations presenting her sweet moves on the living room floor... I mean stage.  She has me introduce her and everything.  (I possess neither the short skirts nor the legs to properly portray Cat Deeley.  And my attempt at an British accent is laughable). 
 I remember mimicking a certain dance show at her age.  I clearly recall stating that when I grew up I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer.  My mom pointed out that their attire was "not nice."  Which was true, they loved their high cut leotards in the 80's.  However my 5 year old eyes didn't notice that.  These dancers dazzled... strutting to the trendiest music around, and they did it all in gold high heels.  Mesmerizing.  
We recorded Rides performance, but J said if I posted it she may never forgive me.  I argued that I doubted that my blog would be around when she would be old enough to care.  But I still gave in... perhaps one day I'll post it.  Instead, for those of you who would like to dance down memory lane with me, enjoy...

Pure awesome!


  1. I'm thinking a Solid Gold Halloween costume might be in order this year...for you and J. I mean, he did the ping pong one right? Bring on the leotards! Hee hee.

  2. When I was driving in the car with J to your party, I took one look in his direction and said "You are the bravest man I know." I however do not possess the same nervy spirit. However it might just be worth it. To see him dressed up in one of those man-tards. Hey I've got an idea... him and Adam can be the two lonely guys on the Solid Gold squad! It will be the best halloween ever!

  3. You are so creative and always have been! (I have kept all of my XI stuff you made!) I LOVE your Valentine's decorations! Seriously-you need to start your own business! I might need to try that dessert!


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