Wednesday, February 17, 2010

 Amateur Mountaineer

While polishing the front of the fridge, one of my many perpetual duties, I noticed abnormal handprints.  Not abnormal because they were there (this is why wiping it down has become a daily chore), no instead they were unusual because they seemed to be misshapen.  Upon further analysis I observed they were not handprints, but footprints.  They were oddly high, and next to the door handles.  "That's Weird" I thought.  Then I noticed a stool, moved from its normal place, to right next to the fridge.  In my mind I pictured Ride sliding the stool infront of the fridge, sitting on the stool, extending her legs and placing her feet on the refrigerator.  It didn't make sense, but I stopped really asking questions about bizarre things my kids do ages ago.  Especially with that kid.
Then the other day, while fixing dinner I looked over to see this....

So it wasn't Ride after all.  It had been Momo, scaling the great silver food filled tower.
These pictures really don't do it justice.  I raced for the camera and he had started coming down.  Originally his little feet were next to his hands.  Then he saw the camera, he loves the camera.  He left his perch to come to see his picture.

He's always been a climber.  It first became apparent when he was 7 months old.   I was putting up christmas, I had a ladder in the house.  I left the room and returned to find him at the top.   He was grinning and clapping... like he conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro, which was conveniently located in our front room. These are the things that make J proud.  Me... I've always said I'd be amazed if he made it to two.  He's 21 months.  He may just prove me wrong.  


  1. So proud! He's got some hip nappy hair growing as well.

  2. He should be wearing a spiderman shirt not superman! That's impressive!


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