Thursday, February 11, 2010

 ip❤d valentines

J's friend Matt married a girl named Steff.  She is beautiful.  She just had a baby.  They named her Lucy ( of my adored names). Beautiful Steff put a picture and link on facebook of the valentines she had made for her sons class.  They were soooo stinkin' darling, that I too HAD to make these for the girls classes.
Here is how mine turned out...
Ummmm.... super cute!
I think they'd be fun for a birthday party too.
So recently I took some flack for not posting instructions for some of the projects I've posted.  I'm going to try to be better.
I will post a link with the original instructions at the end of this post. 
But I do have a few tips.

1. Make a template of the paper that wraps around the conversation hearts package.  Draw lines where each fold should be. With double sided tape, attach it to your countertop.  This will keep it from moving around. Then place the colored paper below the template, use a ruler and a bone folder to create your lines and folds.  No pencil marks.  No need to measure it out multiple times.  And you'll get crisp perfect folds.

2. You'll download the ipod screen and circle thing (I have no idea what its technical name is) from the link.  If you shrink it down a tad in photoshop you then can use a 1.5" circle punch... instead of cutting out each circle with scissors.

3. Print it off onto sticker or full sheet label paper. LOVE that stuff. No glue required.
4. I didn't use Reeses peanut butter cups, as the instructions will suggest.  I just used Hershey kisses.  You won't need to wrap foil around them (as the instructions tell you).  And you'll avoid a problem for kids with peanut allergies.
Scooter wanted the silver wrapped kisses. Ride opted for pink.

This is what I put on the back.
Again printed on sticker paper.
Here's the link...

Oh... how do you like new look of the blog?  
I'm kinda in love with its simplicity.

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  1. How did you get so many of them to print on one page? Any idea how I could get these to be cut out by my silhouette machine?


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