Tuesday, February 9, 2010

 Prayers Answered

"There is nothing that we are enduring that Jesus does not understand, and He waits for us to go to our Heavenly Father in prayer. I testify that if we will be obedient and if we are diligent, our prayers will be answered, our problems will diminish, our fears will dissipate, light will come upon us, the darkness of despair will be dispersed, and we will be close to the Lord and feel of His love and of the comfort of the Holy Ghost. It is my prayer that we can find the faith, courage, and strength to endure to the end so that we may feel the joy of faithfully returning to the arms of our Heavenly Father." 
Robert D. Hales

The heavens were listening,
Miracles are happening....
Welcome back baby Bronson!


  1. I have been stalking this blog too, did a post on it too. So amazing how something like this can change your perspective and stir up emotions. Even when you don't know them. I'm so glad he's back!

  2. Anj, Thank you for posting and praying for our little B. It's people like you that made his miracle possible. I'm able tonight to go through a few comments and reply. You are wonderful! B's dad...Matt


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