Tuesday, April 13, 2010

 Raising the White Flag

My husband has this habit of telling people what they need.  It's not unusual to hear him start a sentence... 
"You know what you need..."  
I've been hearing this plenty of times lately.  He claims I now "NEED" an ipad.  Hmmmm... he did the same with the iphone.  I objected many times.  However I now own an iphone, and to be completely honest, I couldn't live with out it.  So he was right there.  
I should also mention he's an apple geek.  
When we go to the mall, he puts up with my forever 21 shopping if I don't act too bored at the apple store.  He proudly displayed an apple sticker on my last car.  When I was in labor with Momo he successfully hooked up the laptop up to the TV in the delivery room (so we could watch movies from his computer) after the nurses said no one had ever successfully accomplished said feat. (He felt pretty cool). Then he discussed apple computers for the next half hour with my obgyn.  Really, my doc pulled up a chair they were in deep discussion about their mutual love for all things apple.  Hello... I'm in labor here people... (just kidding, I adore my o.b. really he's the best.  If you need an o.b. I've got one for you)! They were BFF's by the time Momo was born.  
So the other day J is expressing a slew of reasons he feels I "NEED" an ipad.  We were talking about books.  (I've mentioned my love for children's books a couple of times here on the blog).  So I said the ipad may be great for other books, but it would never be able to produce a decent childrens book.  I mean who want's to sit down and read a book to their kids via ipad.  It seems like the magic wouldn't be there.  Then last night J sent me this.

J one Anj zero....I stand corrected.  
That is pretty freaking amazing.  I L*O*V*E everything about it.
I still don't know that I "need" an ipad.  I need a cheese grater because mine broke and it posed a problem with the shepherds pie last night.  I also need a hand held mixer.  It finally died after years of loyal service and I'm sure my neighbor is tired of lending me hers (thanks again Rach).  But J is starting his battle.  It starts subtle, mentioning it, sending me links like this, bringing up how much easier my life would be if only I had one... (his tactics would put Ralphie Parkers quest for an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle to shame... can you shoot your eye out with an ipad)? Until one day he'll just come home with one. 
Apple needs to make a white flag with a silver apple on it for wives like me.  
We'll call it the...
Maybe I'll make them and sell them on etsy;)

Post Script...
Remember I told you I wouldn't have anymore alice in wonderland posts after the birthday party and midnight tea party... Sorry, it seems I spoke to soon.


  1. Anj~ I definitely need one of those flags... Josh's campaign has started too. I think it makes him feel better about buying zillions of electronics if he can convince himself that its really ME who needs it :)

  2. I think those two are bad influences on each other.

    We may need to create a support group. Shopping therapy may be the only cure. Hey... next time we go to the Gateway you guys should join us. That way the boys can hang out in apple and we'll go to forever 21. Everyones happy!

  3. I'm sorry but J is a neophyte compared to his father when it comes to this tried and true technique. Most generally they always win! Good news, you get a lot of fun toys.

  4. Anji, this post cracked me up. I must say that Ryan and Jared are soooo different on this. Jared needs everything and Ryan would rather give away everything until we only have our toothbrushes to our names (and not the sonic kind).

  5. Yes Tammy,
    I believe he has learned from the master himself. Like father like son...

  6. Hello. Found your blog today via creation corner. I feel like I found another bloggy kindred spirit. Am now a follower. Nice to meet you! :)

  7. Nice to meet you too Chris! I love new friends!

  8. I have wanted a ipad...I know I'll never get one, but its nice to dream...that book on it though is AMAZING! What will they come up with next?

  9. You can borrow my mixer forever and always if it means you can put the $$$ towards an ipad...and then I can bring my girls to read Alice with yours, because that's the only way I'll get one!! :)

  10. At least the iSurrender doesn't sound like a feminine hygiene product. I'm sure I would love an iPad if it happened to be in my life. Even our iTouch is too much fun.

  11. Ha... Anna, every time I typed ipad when I wrote that I thought of you and your thoughts on fb about the name of the ipad.

    I don't think getting one is in our near future... we have too many other "needs" that come first.


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