Wednesday, April 21, 2010

 Add a smidge of WOW!

I've been slaving away.
I wish I could say it was on something fun and creative.  But I've been out in the yard removing weeds that are the size of my toddler.  Speaking of "the boy"  I've had to use his nap time, which I consider sacred "me" time, for yard drudgery.  I attempted my outdoor chores with him by my side, however after chasing him as he ran down the street multiple times, a near car verses Momo incident and his decision to jump from the porch ledge in order to grab the window box and proceed to swing from it... I gave up.    Today it's raining.... and I'm thrilled.  Both because I love rain thunder and hail...Mmmmm...and also because it's given me a breather from weed extraction.  
I started to spring clean the girls room instead. As I cleaned I realized I could do a little post about it.  I love their room.  I put it all together a couple years back.  I've got a few inexpensive tricks I learned in the process.  And I'll happily pass them along...
I made the bedspread out of a curtain from target.  I loved damask but couldn't find fabric for it anywhere (mind you this was 3 years ago) target saved the day!  I made a matching window treatment out of a table runner made out of the same print, (it was on sale).  Love that!
Anyway... the wall behind the bed seemed bare.  So with a little black paint it went from plain pink, to...
Swirly Heaven!
I had the paint, so it didn't cost me a thing.
I measured out the window and the wall.
Then I made a mini version of it on PS.
I played with Rhonna Farrers swirl brushes until I got the look I wanted.
Here is what it looked like on paper....
Then onto the wall it went.
(I've done a few murals on walls.  My paint of choice is Liquitex soft body acrylics.
They are vivid colors that go on like butta.  And a little goes a long way).  
I took an old window.
Painted on the words. 
Print off the lettering, lay it under the glass, trace it on with a sharpie and fill it in with paint.  
(I've never paid for vinyl lettering).
I read somewhere that this say's... 
The Polka 
Dot Cafe
Make yourself at home
In french.  I don't speak french (I took a couple years of it in Jr. High, I remember the french name my teacher gave me, Vicky, and... well that's really about it). So if that isn't what it says, at least it looks cute.
I added half circles cut with pinking sheers out of scrapbook paper on the inside edge.  The leftover paper became the little paper chain behind the window.  And did you notice the coffee filter pom poms? They were from Valentines.  I tossed them up there, 'cause hey why not?
I added lamp shades to the chandelier in their room.
I bought cheap lamp shades (you may get lucky and find some at good will) I believe these were from Lowes.  Then I added ribbon to the top, trim around the middle (I get my trims on sale from home fabrics) and the thin black ribbon with a bow to tie it all together.  
Easy. Peasy. Done. Beautiful!

And off I go... to continue the spring cleanse!

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  1. That is one amazing room! Makes me want to be a little girl again... or have one of my own. ;)

  2. ooh my 12 year old is going to go 'mad' over this room! thanks for the painted window idea! x

  3. This looks like something out of a magazine!! Gorgeous room. Such lucky girls!

  4. That room is definitely magazine worthy. Just gorgeous.

  5. That room is definitely magazine worthy. Just gorgeous.

  6. That room is definitely magazine worthy. Just gorgeous.

  7. Ha... if you saw all the garbage I just removed from their room you would not consider it "magazine worthy." Seriously...gross.
    THANK YOU!!!

  8. WOW! I wish that was my room!


  9. I love that room. What lucky little girls you have. The swirls are amazing!

  10. Oh I am loving your little ones room! You did a fantastic job painting! Great is just what it needed!

  11. absolutely fantastic! What an excellent job you did with the painting! ...and the entire room is just beautiful!

  12. wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely be featuring this!!

  13. Thank you everyone! Honestly it means LOADS! Hugs to you all!!!

  14. Beautiful job! I'm so impressed that you hand painted the swirls! WOW!

  15. Ummm....Wow!! Too fareaking beautiful!! I'm in love!

  16. GORGEOUS! Love your style of layering, it's so carefreely done and yet so perfect!

  17. love how you turned the curtain into a bedspread!

  18. Loved the old window. My mom just replaced & stockpiled the windows in he old farmhouse. Hmmmm... Maybe I can come up with something cowgirl related for my
    Iittle cowgirl's room....

  19. This room is amazing! Love the detail around the windows and the bed!

  20. This room is just amazing! Great work! I really love it!

  21. I thought my daughter had the cutest girl room ever! (you can see it here:

    But this one TAKES THE CAKE!!!!!!

    You've got a great steady painting hand! Wonderful, wonderful job! Can't believe you didn't use vinyl letters either! Amazing!

  22. Wow! I love it! You live anywhere near GA? :) So pretty and will last for a while. Great job!!!!!

  23. Found your post through Jen at Tatertots & Jello's highlight post. This room is fantastic! I want one for myself! Very creative and budget friendly, too. Love the idea of how to get lettering on glass. I am totally not artistic and I have paid for vinyl!

  24. This room is amazing! I can't believe you painted that swirl on the wall! And the window is gorgeous! I am so jealous!

  25. Seriously beautiful!! I love, love, love it!

  26. I am still in love with this room! So much so that I left you an award over at :)

  27. Oh my, come do mine! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  28. My oldest daughter had to have a Paris party last year. SO I designed a printables set and we did her room to match I'll have to post pictures of her room and let you know. You'll giggle at how much they are on the same channel :)Though her walls are way more Pepto Pink than your daughters.

  29. I've just discovered your blog and the gorgeous bedroom you've made. Every details are beautiful. And don't worry about your french, your sentence on the glass is perfect !
    Sophie from france


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