Saturday, April 3, 2010

 Last Minute Easter Inspiration

I was going to post this thursday... but life had it's own ideas.  What I've got planned is fairly simple and maybe someone could get some inspiration from it.  For me I can take what someone else has done and alter it to suit me.  Build on or take away from what someone else creates.   So maybe this will give someone some last minute Easter inspiration.
Easter is special to me.  
I've got easter bunny issues (seriously, who invented the easter bunny).  We do baskets and everything, but I don't want my kids to loose sight of what we are really celebrating.  I was talking to my gorgeous red haired cousin yesterday and she feels the same way.  Her statement was that Easter "is the last real christian holiday."
To emphasize this here are my plans for the day...
Morning... of course we'll do easter baskets.  No big gifts just a few little things and candy.  This year for baskets I'm doing something different.  I like to use holidays as an excuse to accomplish or give something I already wanted to.  So instead of easter baskets I found these...
They are bike baskets (from amazon).  I'm planing on making liners out of fabric for them.  Time is tight  (easter is tomorrow... do you think I can do it)?  If I run out of time I'll embellish them with ribbons and trims.
Easter time is family time.  We are having an extended family dinner in the evening so for just my little family I'm planning a breakfast.
(I set up my table early so you could see my plans)...
I use wrapping paper as chargers or placemats.  It's cheap and adds color and pattern.  I take whatever left over fabric I have hanging around and make napkins.  I just cut a square out of fabric and hem.  You could add ric rac or other embellishments if you wanted.  I'm always keeping my eyes open for cute plastic plates to add on top of my white plates.  These are from walmart ($2.00 each).  For valentines I used heart shaped plates (also walmart, but only $1.00 each).  Target always has a darling selection too.   They usually run about .50 to 1.00 more.
Martha Stewart has loads of Easter dessert ideas.  They are so cute (seriously those spring chick cakes are to dye for).  But I don't need dessert... we are doing breakfast.  After viewing these Flowerpot Cakes  a light bulb went on.  What if I just put a chocolate muffin inside the pot.  Costco chocolate muffins. (These are actually from Winco).  Then I made a flower lollie for each one.
You could totally do this for a birthday, shower or other spring party.  I'm thinking you could use the Costco cupcakes instead of muffins.  And it is soooo much easier than cooking cake in the pots. (Oh Martha Martha Martha. While I love her ideas I don't have a team at my disposal to do whatever I need whenever I need it, my time is limited, so I take her ideas and alter them to suit me).
Tomorrows breakfast menu...
German pancake
Fruit Parfiat
Chocolate Muffins ;)
and if time allows I may throw some hash browns in too.
I need to mention how much my daughters LOVE helping me set up the holiday table.  They get giddy as we decide which fabric to use.  And even more excited as they see it coming together. I have a cheering section.  "Oh mom... that is soooo cute." It really is precious time with them.  I hope by starting this now that years in the future we will gather together, with grand daughters in tow, and set up thanksgiving, christmas or easter together.
After breakfast we will spend our day soaking in the good word listening to general conference.  In between sessions we will drive past the Temple.  I wanted to get all gussied up in our easter duds and take pictures at the temple.  But right now I hear the weather isn't going to be friendly. (I have this vision of taking a little family pic infront of the temple every easter.  Hmmm...). After this we'll take a little trip to the cemetery to visit Evie's grave.  There is no better time to explain the gift Christ gave us than on easter day.  Having our little family gathered together, standing above where her little body rests, teaching of the resurrection and concluding in a family prayer.  Precious moments like this far outweigh the easter bunny.


  1. Hey there! Found you from TT&J and I'm so glad I did. Your blog is FABULOUS...I have been on it for like 40 minutes takin a peek! You are one talented lady...can't wait to see more of what you do. Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Anonymous4/10/2010

    Hi, I just found your blog and you are so amazing and creative. I can't believe what you do and for such a small investment....very inspirational, especially in this down economy. Have a blessed day.

  3. win! I have adored the couple of posts that I have seen on I Heart Naptime and today I decided to start reading your other posts... and I have loved every minute of it. I love your taste and your faith and so...I'm putting your blog on the side of mine, so it will be easy for me to check. Thanks!!


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