Thursday, July 7, 2011

 "That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most." -Russell

Yesterday I was driving to the store and a house caught my eye.  It was quite far away from where I was but VERY noticeable.  
Bright COLOR everywhere… with awesome aqua trim.  
I thought… I need to check that out.  But continued on my way and forgot about it.  Then later that night we were sitting around doing nothing important (so naturally I was perusing Facebook) and a post from the Herriman city page seemed to explain what the mystery aqua trim house was.  My thought was... 
"No way!"  
So I grabbed the keys and forced my family in the car.  They knew nothing… only we were going to go see something cool.  And I was mentally crossing my fingers that it would be cool, because I hadn't actually seen it.  

As we drove down the street towards the mystery house my husband stated…. "Wow, that's a colorful house."  I replied "Now imagine thousands of balloons floating above it." He then exclaimed what I had earlier thought  "No way!"  
and we pulled up to see this….
Yep, its a full functioning exact replica of the house from UP.  And it's about the cutest thing ever!  A few other cars loaded with kids were also stopping in front of it.  Everyones mouth agape.  We got out of the car and peeked in the windows.  It even has the hose in front and the fireplace mantle with the painting from the movie above it.  So darling!

There was a nice lady out with her camera getting ready to take some photo's.  We apologized for being in the way and she said she'd be happy to snap our photo.  I thought she'd just use our camera phone, but she was nice enough to use her fancy camera and emailed us the photo's.  So all credit of these photo's go to the sweet lady with the camera.  Her name is Jenetta Roberts and here is her webpage!
Thanks Jenetta!  It was lovely to meet you!
(I do apologize for the messiness of my family in the photo's… we were not camera ready.  In fact Momo has dinner on his face and sometimes I rebel against showering and make-up…and yesterday was one of those days.  I'm just amazed we had shoes on).

So would you buy this house???  I kinda think I would.  Especially if I was a grandma… how much fun for the grandkids,  every trip to Grandpa and Grandma's would be magic, snipe hunting would be a must and I'd totally get a cane for J and attach tennis balls to the feet!
And P.S. 
I just discovered who the builder of this home is.  They have a blog with more pics!   Check them out here….


  1. Anonymous7/07/2011

    That. Is. SO. Cute! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Oh that's so adorable!

  3. Wow! That is the cutest thing ever!

  4. That is awesome!!!!

    And just reading that quote makes me cry like a baby! I bawled through most of that movie!

  5. Love it! I wish it was here! Thanks for posting about it and by the way, you all look perfect, better than when our family puts forth the effort LOL

  6. I love that movie. What a fun house to have near you. I bet your kids loved seeing that.

  7. Holy cow. I am amazed someone replicated that house. What fun! I'm so glad you took a picture to prove it. :)

  8. How cool!! That is seriously so neat and what a fantastic family picture! That quote got me a little choked up! I bawled through most of the movie!

  9. Oh it's beautiful! I would totally buy it! I wish it were in TN so I could have my picture made with it! :D

    -Many Smiles!

  10. Wait until you see the hand carved bird that sits on the mantel and the balloons that will fly from the chimney. Loved the fun article about the house we are building!-Bangerter Homes

  11. Thanks for the link love! I'm so glad you liked the pictures! Make sure you go and "like" my facebook page so you can see the picture I worked on tonight ;) Btw - I'm loving your blog!!

  12. Nicole.... I'm so glad you stopped by! I can't wait to check it out in the parade of homes (I told my husband last night that this will be the first time I've bought tickets to the parade of homes in a few years... I can't miss this one)! It's just too dang adorable!

  13. That is the cutest house ever! Love it and loved the movie too! Wish we lived closer to get pics of it too.

  14. You're kidding. Your family wasn't ready, but look! DD's top matches the house and so does the other DD's capris. Totally could have been planned. And how fortunate for you that a pro photog turned up to capture your moment.

    Now, would I buy it?
    In a heartbeat.

    Thanks for sharing!


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