Monday, March 14, 2011

It's coming… 
I can feel it…tulip shoots are peeking up through the ground… 
it's warming up….birds are chirping…. and I'm ready! 
I'm ready for...
and gardening,
and sunshine,
and lawn mowers,
and freckles,
and open windows,
and my grill,
and longer days,
and snow cones,
and the lemonade stand…
Here's my littles selling lemonade and snow cones last summer.  (With the help of my handy neighbor we made this lemonade stand as their christmas present in 2009).  They wanted to help pay for their dance classes, so every penny they earned went towards their dance stuff (sweats, shoes, bags, and bobby pins… we go through so many bobby pins).  

  And now after looking at these photo's not only am I craving summer, but I could go for a snow cone right now! 
Mmmm....tigers blood.
(I started salivating as I wrote that).


  1. I can't wait for all that either. That stand is awesome. Good for them! What a wonderful oppurtunity for them!

  2. It really has been a great thing to have! The girls learn so many valuable lessons from it and have a ball at the same time!
    Thanks Amy!

  3. So cute... Did you make the lemonade stand? O was it bought? I would love to have one of these!

  4. I designed it, my neighbor built it, and then I painted it (in my garage in the FREEZING cold... I think I should get some sort of gold star for that);)

  5. this is so amazing I hope one day I can be this creative for my daughter its a good thing we there are people as amazing and crafty as you to get inspiration from!! Love it your kids definitely hit the jackpot with you as a mom! :)

  6. that is the coolest lemonade stand! and the aprons are ADORABLE... you made them?

  7. Anonymous3/15/2011

    I bet you made the cute aprons too. One summer my oldest girls sold snow cones and made a good chunk of money. Good for you for teaching your girls to work for their things.

    Have a great day.

  8. Thanks guys!
    I did make the aprons, they like to wear them while they are cleaning and helping me cook too. Little girls are a riot!

  9. I love the article on WWC. I have you bookmarked in my blog section and look forward to visiting often.
    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.
    Kindest regards,

  10. I just found your blog & I love it! So nice to meet you and learn a little about you! Your projects are adorable. I will be a loyal follower I am sure. Thanks for your inspiration.

  11. How Sweet! They look like wonderful sales women! I would stop for sure!

  12. Oh my gosh I love your blog! I started scrolling through and then just couldn't stop! You are so creative. I'm following you now, hope you can follow back :)

  13. Hi there, just found you through WWC, and I must say that I am thrilled to have found your beautiful blog!

  14. Cutest lemonade stand ever and CUTEST APRONS EVER!! You are amazing! Found you on Twitter, but now I can't remember who got me following you. Anyway, now I'm a true fan! :)

  15. Oh my...that lemonade stand is to die for! You are the best mama ever. :)

  16. OMGosh! That's adorable!

  17. One of the cutest things I have ever seen! I would have definitely stopped for some lemonade:)


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