Monday, June 7, 2010

 We Have A Winner

Thanks for all of your kind comments!
To answer a couple of your questions...
a couple of you wanted to see photos of my studio.  I'd love to share it with you.  (It's my favorite room in our home...) I'm doing a couple of things to it, when I finish those up I'll post photos!
I get my fabric from all over.  These all came from JoAnn... I like their prices, but there are times I walk away empty handed.  I lucked out on my last trip.
Now for the giveaway...
I love giving something away.  It's so fun. I always wish I could give one to everyone.  Truly!!! I had so many sweet comments.  I love hearing from familiar folks, and new viewers.  Each comment just means the world to me.  So thank you! 
I left it up to the random generator.  
And so the winner of... 
1 Dozen Long Stemmed Fabric Roses is...
number 27!
Who is...
Natali Thompson
Congrats miss Nat... I'll be contacting you shortly.
I have a couple of things in the works.  So hopefully another giveaway is in the near future!
Love to you all!


  1. i have to admit, i am a little bit sad. ok, let's be honest - i am DANG sad! *sigh*
    however; i am excited for you miss natali, these flowers are super cute. and just realize we all covet you right now.

  2. Anj....that is SO nice of you! I feel bad taking your awesome flowers! You are so sweet!!

  3. Tiff... why don't you come over sometime and we'll make some together:)
    And Nat... silly girl, don't feel bad for winning! And don't thank me... thank the powers of the random generator for picking your number!

  4. Anj, I just took pictures of Tiffany's kids and we were talking about the good ol' pharmacy days. Then she asked if I had ever seen your blog and I said nope and then she went on and on about how wonderful and creative you are, so here I am and it's all true! Can't wait to come back and visit often!

    -katie timmerman dudley

  5. Thank you so much for posting these instructions. I took a stab at it and managed to make a dozen of them in just a few hours. Here's a link to my photos.


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