Tuesday, June 22, 2010

 A Story Worth Writing

Our story is being written.   
It includes simple chronicles. Such as the magic that happens when J comes home from work each day.  It's as if a switch has suddenly flipped inside each our children and they glow as they gallop, skip, bounce and cartwheel to his side.  And me… well my heart smiles.  
Other chapters are more complex. The times welcoming fresh spirits into the world.  And times we had to say goodbye. These passages could be filled with broken dreams or with certain bliss.
Our memoir is precious and imperfect. It's filled with laughter, tears, joy, heartache, prayer and hope. And we are only 10 years in the making.  
I envision the day when our two antique and fragile lives walk hand in hand.  Thin skin covered in wrinkles. Minds overflowing with visual treasures.   Two old souls who's tale includes each other on every page.  That is a story worth writing.
Love you forever J
Happy fathers day


  1. Anonymous6/22/2010

    Love this post so much! :-)

  2. That is so beautiful,Anj!

  3. You do have a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Anonymous6/22/2010

    Sweet words....your husband is a blessed man.

  5. So sweet! Thanks again for the beautiful flowers! It was so much fun to see you!! :)

  6. completely beautiful anj....
    smiling very wide reading this....
    melissa x

  7. Thank you so much for the font suggestion, I just loved it and can't wait to do something with it.

  8. that was beautiful! thanks for sharing that with all of us. i love seeing you two together, there's never a doubt you two are smitten.
    love you!

  9. You are blessed with a wonderfull family...

  10. Beautiful family shot! So random question...I guessed by your comment as simplicity that it was your family--so beautiful! Can I ask where you got your dress? I believe yours was green and maybe a sister in hot pink? So cute with the cardigans and accessories:) I am mentally planning my family pics:) My email kristen@kristendukephotography.com
    Have a great day! My second son gets baptized in the fall--great job on the party accessories.

  11. Hi Anj, Thanks so much for posting about the fabric flowers on my blog. And thanks for your thoughts about my Mam, it's very kind of you, enjoy the summer! Sara

  12. I just found Lindi's blog (Wade's daughter) and thought you'd enjoy it, she's cute and crafty like you. :) www.love-the-day.com

  13. you are so inspiring in so many ways. love that we have blogs to keep tabs.

    ps thanks so much for the side bar link :)

    best to you and your darling family!

    pps um i think you have mad party decorating skills, might have to hire you out!

  14. Thank you for sharing your story. ps.. beautiful picture!


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