Thursday, August 15, 2013

 Back To School Treats

My kids started school in July… yes July.  Our little part of the world is overflowing with children. They can't all fit in the school at once.  So we have now adopted a year round schedule.  I'm reserving my opinion about it until after the school year ends.  Summer was crazy short, but we will have nice little 3 week breaks throughout the year.  Time will tell.  

So three weeks ago with a hug and a kiss off they went!   
This photo (above) makes me giggle.  Scooter was more excited about her new backpack than anything.  So we had to have a backpack photo.  It looks like a cheesy back to school retail advertisement.

The toughest part?   My Momo.   
He started kindergarten.

I'm not sure if it is that sending my BABY to school made me realize how old I really am.  Or that my house is too quiet and my little buddy isn't by my side.  (It's most likely a combination of all of the above).  But I am a bit heartbroken. Thank heavens it's just half a day.  I really don't know how I'll cope next year.

Anyway I wanted to give them a little back to school treat.  So upon returning home that first day I had caramel apples for them.  You know because apples are associated with knowledge and teachers and school… does anyone know why that is???  But true to form I couldn't just leave them be… they had to have a bit of zhush! 

So in case you'd like to do something similar for your own littles… or even present one to your child's new teacher, here is a link to download the pdf!  Enjoy!


  1. Super cute ideas! I am still not ready to admit my youngest is starting kindergarten in a few weeks. It makes my heart hurt. Thankfully our school isn't starting until after labor day, so I still have a little more time. :)

    1. It's been quite the adjustment for both of us! We both miss each other! Sigh.
      So good to hear from you Chris! :)

  2. These are adorable!! So happy you are blogging again! I have been following you for a few years now, you are amazing!! I just sent my oldest off to all day kindergarten and it's been a hard adjustment for her and I! These fun treats will be so fun for her to come home to! Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much Laura! :)


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