Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 Mr. Copperpot

There is a chill in the air! 
I have to slip on socks first thing out of bed to warm my froze toes.   We open our windows on friday nights to listen to the high school kids cheering at the football games.  (We know if they are winning or not just by how loud they get).  The kids are back in school, wearing sweaters and jackets that are clearly not needed yet… but they like to layer as much as their mommy does. Night is creeping up earlier and earlier.  And I get all giddy.  
Fall is here!

I debate it every year… how early is too early to set up halloween?  I seriously can't help myself.  
This post is a halloween decoration I've had for a couple years now.  Don't worry, these photo's are from last year…. I have not set him up yet.  
Soon though… very soon.

In the two times I've been to Disneyland in the last decade I've made sure that we go when the Nightmare Before Christmas is set up at The Haunted Mansion.  If you know me, you know I'm a fan of Mr. Burton and his crazy dark artsy-ness.  I wish I could just magically decorate my house like the mansion for halloween.  Alas I have not the funds or enough waking hours to attempt it. :)

On the outside of the mansion it's decorated with all of these fabulous cartoony skulls.  They are both a tad creepy and a bit comical & dopy at the same time.  I know, it sounds weird, but it works.
I wanted to add my own.  Instead of making several small skulls (as they have on the Haunted Mansion) I made one very large skull.  
Here is Momo next to him.  He's not small, he measures about 4.5 x 3 feet. My husband often states that my motto is "Go big or go home".  As much as I'd like to say it's not true, 
I think he might be very very correct. 
I painted him on masonite.  My neighbor who is always coming to my… "help me I need to build something" rescue cut him out with his jigsaw.  
(For the love, I need to finally just purchase a jigsaw). 
After the skull was painted and dry I added a coat of matte varnish (just from a spray can).  I think this will be the third year (maybe forth) we've put him up.  
He has made it through wind, rain & snow.  
He still looks good as new.
I love putting him up every year.  He makes me smile every time I pull into the driveway.

Perhaps I should name him.  
Any thoughts on a good name????
Maybe I'll call him Chester Copperpot.

K, before the skull was drawn and painted onto the masonite, I first sketched him out on paper.  Here is the drawing… you're welcome to use it if you'd like.  If you have a projector you could shine him up on your own board and make your own. :)  I can't give painting lessons though… that would be a bit too intense of a tutorial. 
Again… it's just the rough sketch, not a masterpiece or anything.  Be forgiving, at least I cut off the grocery list I had written on the bottom of the paper. 
Although, I believe it still carries the creases from where I sat on this grocery list because I left it on the front seat of the car.  Ooops.

And yes… I'm listening to my Halloween soundtrack while I write this post.  
Here is what's on  my soundtrack (incase your looking for some music to add to your own)…
Corpse Bride Soundtrack
Coraline Soundtrack
(End Credits & The Supper)
Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack
A few Harry Potter Favorites
 Dementors in the Underpass (Order of the Phoenix), Double Trouble (Azkaban), 
Story Continues (Goblet of Fire) & Finale (Azkaban)
Beetlejuice Soundtrack 
(a few select songs)
Edward Scissorhands
(Ice Dance, The Cookie Factory & The End)
Tales from the Crypt 
Danny Elfman is 90% of my soundtrack.  
Sure beats listening to The Monster Mash… (although it was a graveyard smash).  
Just thinking about that song gives me a headache.  

Happy Fall All!


  1. Your artist ability is beyond AMAZING!!!

  2. I love it. Tim Burton is the father of Halloween. This is adorable and pretty amazing. I would totally trick or treat at your house.

  3. Fantastic Halloween mix tape! I want a copy!!!

  4. How did you hang it up without punching a hole through it?

  5. I did have to drill a couple of small holes in each eye socket. I used a little bracket we found at the hardwares store. It's a small rectangle with a small hole on each end. We marked it in the eye sockets and then drilled a small hole to match up with the holes in the bracket. I strung wire through each bracket and holes. The bracket, and wire were both silver, so I painted them black. Now you can hardly see them. :)


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