Thursday, March 11, 2010

 Take a look... It's in a book

Just after J and I were married, we lived in a little apartment.  We had an array of mismatched furniture passed down from various family members.  We attempted to harmonize these possessions with a couch slip cover that didn't fit.  Consequently J straightened it ALL THE TIME.  It drove him sooo batty, I'm amazed we hung onto it for so long.   The rickety entertainment center leaned to which ever side the wind was blowing.  It housed a precariously inserted TV.  Ontop of the TV was a pair of rabbit ears.  As a result the TV was fickle.  Certain channels would come in and out.  Channel 5 was garbage.  But PBS came on without a hitch.  I'd love to say I'm a PBS nerd, and watch it routinely, (because it seems really intelligent people are into it) but I'm not.  This was the only time of my life I was devoted to it.  We do watch it regularly... but it's for the kids programing (it's electric, electric company... HEEEY YOOOUU GGGUUUYYYS!...).  One day after much fiddling with the tinfoil wrapped around one antennae I finally gave up on channel 5, yet again, and I turned it to a PBS station, a little bit came on about an artist named Robert Subuda.  Talk about some crazy talent! He created the most charming and fascinating pop up books.  I was floored.  The next christmas I purchased my first Robert Sabuda book.   And then as my collection grew, so did Rob's (I call him Rob 'cause were tight like that) talent.  He went from using only white, to adding color and drawings to his work.  AMAZING!  Here's a peek at one of my favorite things...
This one comes with green spectacles for the kids to wear.
(This book is actually by Matthew Reinhart, a similar artist who has collaborated on several projects with Mr. Subuda).
This is a current favorite.

The kids get a new pop up book every valentines day.   Infinitely more meaningful than a pink teddy bear, and a great excuse for me to purchase these little gems.  (Imagine after years of valentines days the treasured collection each of them will have to share with their own bambinos). These books are rather fragile. My munchkins know that they only read them with mom.  This works to my advantage because it is sheer magic to sit down with my kiddos and watch them light up as each page turns.  I also appreciate being able to read the stories as they were meant to be heard... instead of the hollywood interpretation.
My darling aunt, CarolLynn gave me a wonderful assortment of childrens books when I was expecting Scooter.  She hand printed (with her PERFECT handwriting) this quote inside one of them.  What a brilliant baby shower gift!


  1. I'm so glad you read to my grandchildren, and are helping them develop a love of books. It will serve them well their whole lives.

  2. Jen Richards Rockwood3/18/2010

    So CarolLynn told me to take a look at your blog! And what a coincidence, on the day I decide to check it out, you write about Robert Sabuda's pop up books! We just got our first one a few days ago, and I am AMAZED! I've never seen his stuff before and it is incrediblE! We have a dinosaur pop up and it is like being at a museum! How fun are these books??!!
    And your blog -- AMAZING, just like you! Your talent and ability to just "whip things up" is incredible!! I'm going to keep checking it out to see what you come up with next!!

  3. Awww... Thank you darling Jenny! You are sweet and kind as always.

    And yes... they are fun, fabulous and delightful books! I'm so glad you enjoy them as well!

  4. What a cute tradition! We have a couple of Sabuda's Christmas pop-ups... and they are amazing. I love Alice and Wonderland... I'll have to add it to our collection!

  5. My oldest daughter is leaning towards having an ALICE party. I've been back and forth on what I want to design for this. I love the direction you went!


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